Dieses geniale Tool wendet jeden Coupon von Walmart auf deinen Warenkorb an (2024)

Dieses geniale Tool wendet jeden Coupon von Walmart auf deinen Warenkorb an (1)


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    Dieses geniale Tool wendet jeden Coupon von Walmart auf deinen Warenkorb an (2)

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    Dieses geniale Tool wendet jeden Coupon von Walmart auf deinen Warenkorb an (4)

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    Mehr Infos zu Walmart

    Wir versuchen sicherzustellen, dass alle Informationen, die hier und unter "FAQs" angezeigt werden, korrekt sind. Alle Angaben, einschließlich der Einzelheiten zu den Programmen, Richtlinien, Angeboten, Rabatten, Anreizen und Prämienprogrammen der Shops, werden jedoch nur zu Informationszwecken bereitgestellt, können sich ändern und sind möglicherweise ungenau oder veraltet. Auf der Website des Shops findest du die aktuellsten, vollständigen Informationen.

    About Walmart

    Walmart is an American retail corporation that operates a chain of big-box superstores, discount department stores and grocery stores. Walmart Supercenters are expansive hypermarket retail facilities that stock general merchandise including: full-service supermarket, pharmacy, optical center, garden center, photo processing center, pet shop, automotive gasoline, tire and lube express, and a variety of alcove shops such as hair and nail salons, cellular stores, video rental stores, local bank branches, and fast food outlets. Walmart’s general merchandise product range varies from: clothing and fashion, beauty and wellness, home and office, furniture and appliances, electronics and hardware, gaming and entertainment, and much more. And with a total of 4,756 Walmart U.S. stores, nearly 90% of the United States population resides conveniently within 10 miles of a Walmart store.

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    • Pizza
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    • Clothing
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    • Beauty / Cosmetics
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    Dieses geniale Tool wendet jeden Coupon von Walmart auf deinen Warenkorb an (5)

    Infos zu diesem Shop

    Free Shipping Policy

    Walmart offers free 3-5 day shipping on all items with a purchase order over $35. Free 2-day shipping within the contiguous United States is offered on millions of items with a purchase order over $35. For eligible items, Walmart will display a “2-Day Shipping” logo on the product online.

    Return Policy

    Walmart honors nearly all returns, replacements and refunds within the first 90 days after purchase. Items must be returned in the original manufacturer’s packaging and may be returned either to a store or by mail. For a full list of rules and exceptions, visit the Walmart website.

    Dieses geniale Tool wendet jeden Coupon von Walmart auf deinen Warenkorb an (6)


    Consider a Walmart Credit Card

    The Walmart credit card offers a rewards program in the form of 3% cash back on purchases from Walmart.com, 2% cash back on purchases from Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations, and 1% cash back on purchases in-store. Use this option strategically only if you can pay off the balance in full every month! Otherwise, interest charges may outweigh your savings.

    Look for Seasonal Savings

    Shopping at the right times can save you a bundle! Look for deals near major holidays and popular shopping events like July’s mid-summer sales, Back to School season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Take Advantage of Walmart Price-Match

    Eligible Walmart locations will price-match any current published sale. Just bring in the advertisem*nt and show it to the cashier to have the price adjusted accordingly.

    Download the Walmart App

    Not only will you receive early access to exclusive items and special offers, but within the Walmart App is the Savings Catcher where you can scan or enter the receipt number on your recent purchases. The Walmart App will then compare competitors’ prices and, if a lower price is found, will credit back the difference in purchase price on an e-gift card.

    Explore the Walmart Website

    Visit the “Savings Center” in the “Departments” section of the drop-down menu. Walmart will feature “Big Savings” here including current and upcoming clearance events, rollbacks, and even a special buys page for marked-down products across all categories.

    Dieses geniale Tool wendet jeden Coupon von Walmart auf deinen Warenkorb an (7)

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    Dieses geniale Tool wendet jeden Coupon von Walmart auf deinen Warenkorb an (2024)
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