21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (2024)

Cyberpunk hairstyles for men and women are more than styles for creating a statement; they symbolize a subculture. The avant-garde and radical haircuts are what you need to bring out the boldness in you and create a statement wherever you go. Punk haircuts are bold, adventurous, and effortless styles that demand courage to rock them.

Punk hairstyles have been in existence for the last half a decade, and what is impressive about these hairstyles is that they never go out of fashion. Whether you are a guy or a lady looking for a daring hairstyle in 2020, these cyberpunk hairstyles in 2020 will give you a stand-out look and enhance your confidence to live a cheerful and frivolous life. Take a peek.

1. Puffed Mohawk Cyberpunk Hairstyle

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We would not have done any justice to the subculture if we didn’t start our list of the best cyberpunk hairstyles in 2020 with this hairstyle for guys. This 1970’s cyberpunk hairstyle has been the most preferred punk style for most men.

The revolutionary hairstyle features extended and narrowly trimmed top with shaved sides. Want to create a statement during your next homecoming? Try this hairstyle, and you will send the right message of boldness.

2. Short Hair Mohawk

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Many guys believe that they cannot rock a Mohawk with short hair. However, this is the misconception we want to extinguish by adding this short Mohawk in our list. It just occurs that creating a Mohawk with your short hair is amazing. Short hair is a great length to start creating your Mohawk as the hair grows out and rock a full Mohawk. It is a great look for those guys who are not sure how a Mohawk would look on them.

3. Funk Pineapple Mohawk

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Well, if you are a bold and daring lady out there, this hairstyle is for you. It is not for the faint-hearted since when you spot it, all attention is drawn to you. It is for the daring ladies who have a stylish approach and cheery attitude.

This hairdo is the right definition of sassiness and chicness. Mohawk has been used as a representation of a subculture for decades. This iconic look is admired and sported by many red-carpet regulars. The haircut never goes out of fashion, and we don’t see it exiting the industry any time soon.

To style this look, leave long spiked hair on top and shave the hair at the back and sides. The top tresses are styled into the shape of a pineapple.

4. Bold Green Cyberpunk Hairstyle

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The unique and matchless punk haircut complemented with multiple colors of bold green shade is fashionable and trendy. This hairstyle is not every lady’s cup of tea. So, if you need to rock it, make sure you can handle all the attention it brings to you. It demands unwavering confidence and courage.

To recreate this hairstyle, you want to have lustrous tresses with a polished finish and medium density. The hairstyle is ridiculously detailed and quite defining. It brings out the sharpness of your facial features as the hair is trimmed to frame the face.

5. Mohawk and Hair Designs

For the guys with highly textured manes, it is not easy to create a traditional Mohawk. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot rock a Mohawk. You can choose a Mohawk style and adapt it to your hair texture.

To achieve that, let your stylist create sponge twists for the top hair and then shave the hair on the sides. Create designs for a unique look.

6. Liberty Spikes

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This is another cyberpunk hairstyle that will turn as many heads as possible. It gets its name from the Statue of Liberty, and now even without seeing it, you can figure out how it looks.

The hairdo features long and thick spikes all over your head. You can choose your preferred color to use on your liberty spikes. That is the freedom you have when you choose this daring look.

7. Edgy Blue

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Any lady who is daring enough to sport this ridiculously funky hairstyle deserves to be awarded the medal of the blue goddess. Match it with a stylish undercut and add some waves to enhance the entire style.

8. Black Strikes and Electric Cyan

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Electric cyan hue and black strikes make the best color combination that is irresistible when used on any hairstyle. This look is ideal for ladies with naturally straight and smooth textured tresses.

To rock this look, start by cutting your hair unevenly from around your head. Make sure you leave two extended strands on both sides and cut them sharply. The cyan hue is used on the front bangs while the long strands and hair on top are colored in black. This styling technique gives an entire look a hide and seek vibe and create an element of suspense in your look.

9. Cyberpunk Hairstyles Ideal for School

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (9)

What if cyberpunk hairstyles are your obsession and you want to rock a punk style, but at the same time, you have to adhere to strict school rules regarding hairstyles? Well, this cyberpunk hairstyle is the solution. It will help you satisfy your urge to wear a punk hairstyle and, at the same time, keep you from rocking horns with school administration.

Besides, you want to keep your Mohawk as low as possible, so don’t shave the hair on the sides entirely.

10. Extended Top Shaded Electric Blue And Trimmed Sides

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The best thing about styling a Mohawk is that the styling variations are unlimited. From choosing the length to shaving the hair on the sides to selecting the colors, you can style any Mohawk you need.

This cyberpunk Mohawk hairstyle features medium shaved sides and extended top. The entire hair is hued in electric blue to make the style unique and create a statement. The style doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

11. Cyberpunk Hairstyle with Cotton Snow Hue and a Shade of Navy Blue

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (11)

This cyberpunk hairstyle shows both fearless and soft styling. In this look, the entire hair is swept forward almost to engulf the entire face. Only some hair is kept at the back with a navy blue color. The defining aspect of this haircut is how the cotton snow hair in front frames the face giving the entire style voluminous and dense look.

This is an ideal cyberpunk hairstyle for a performer who anticipates encountering a lot of audiences on stage as it is ridiculously an attention grabber style.

12. Yellow Hair and Green Front Bangs Haircut

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (12)

Yellow shade is itself eye-catching when used on any hairstyle and quite adventurous when paired with another daring color such as green. This is an amazing hair shade combination with a radical hairstyle that gives you a badass look in all ways.

Even though this cyberpunk hairstyle is ideal for the ladies who are into the modeling industry, you can also wear it, especially during night outs.

13. Braided Mohawk

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (13)

This cyberpunk hairstyle takes the Mohawk to the next level by including braids on the sides rather than shaving the hair. This fashionable punk cut is ideal for guys with extended braided Mohawk and wishes to rock a different look.

To create a unique statement, you can style reverse braids, or if you need a complete change of style, you can give a shot to multiple braids. Either way, you will have a look worth staring at.

14. Auburn Mohawk and dark sides

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (14)

We have listed several daring cyberpunk hairstyles, but this Mohawk takes the whole game to a new level. The back combed auburn Mohawk with dark sides is a radical hairdo that will make you steal the show wherever you go. The dark background create the right contract for this look. It is what makes this hairstyle stand out.

15. Jet Black Bob Haircut Inspired By Cyberpunk Style

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (15)

This variation of punk haircut is amazingly sober, chic, and has every bit of sophistication. The jet black tresses are trimmed with a touch of cyberpunk, and the bob look is kept at the front to maintain the smoothness and feminism in this hairstyle.

Though this hairstyle looks like a cut of a superwoman, it can be worn by all women regardless of their age and can be rocked at any event. And as a bonus, you can pair it with any outfit.

16. Flamboyant co*ck Mohawk and Extended Feathers

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (16)

This gutsy women cyberpunk hairstyle is not for all women. This hair look can only be rocked by ladies who are willing to go to the extremes of hairstyling and rock unusual and eccentric styles in 2020.

The hairstyle utilizes multiple colors to come up with a feathery and flamboyant look. The tresses on the sides is cut to the skin, and the hair in the middle is created into an asymmetrical co*ck Mohawk style, maintain the sides short, and the hair in the middle extended. You can enhance your look by adding multiple accessories.

17. Shaggy Forward Swept Undercut

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (17)

Cyberpunk hairstyles in 2020 are defined by attitude, and no other hairstyle exemplifies that than this hairstyle. You don’t have to style a traditional Mohawk to represent the subculture lifestyle.

With this messy and edgy haircut, you can vividly define the value you stand for. It is easy to style, and when it comes to maintenance, it is a low maintenance style every busy guy should consider.

18. 80s Punk Hairstyles for Guys

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (18)

Though cyberpunk hairstyles have existed for several decades, we cannot deny that the 80s punk haircuts have played a crucial role in re-defining the subculture today. To celebrate your subculture, you can opt for this 80s cyberpunk style and complement it with your preferred hues.

19. Golden Mushroom Punk Hairstyle

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (19)

The art and craft have been so impactful in the hairstyling industry, and this golden mushroom punk style supports this statement. To rock this look, you should have straight and lustrous locks and shade them in a golden hue.

Though the hairstyle appeals abstemious and simple, the hair designing implemented on the sides paired with geometrical patterns gives it a funky and a modern look. This look needs a skin finish at the nape of the neck. It is an ideal hairstyle for casual occasions. When complemented with black colored makeup, this haircut appears more attractive.

20. Dreadlocks Style Paired With Auburn Ribbons And First Aid Accessories

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This lady’s hairstyle seems as if it is where the ‘cyberpunk’ name came from. It is a perfect hairstyle for nurses since it defines their profession. It is great creativity for the lovers of their profession.

The haircut features pins, bandages, pins, and injections. That is not all that you need to achieve this style. Your stylist will also incorporate dreadlocks and auburn ribbons to create contrast. It is an amazingly daring look that takes a lot of courage to sport.

21. Dreadlocks and Short Dyed Hair on the Sides

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (21)

Cyberpunk hairstyles are not worn for the sake of wearing them. They are a representation of values, personalities, and subcultures. As such, you would want to choose a hairstyle that represents various elements all in one, and there is no a better way you can achieve that than choosing a hairstyle that is a mix of different styles.

When dreadlocks are paired with a Mohawk, you get a unique style that represents at least two elements; your subculture and personality.

21 Best Cyberpunk Hairstyles [2024 Style Guide] (2024)
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