2011 Ford Edge Blue Book Value (2024)

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  • Current 2011 Ford Edge fair market prices, values, expert ratings and consumer reviews from the trusted experts at Kelley Blue Book.

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  • Search from 169 Used Ford Edge cars for sale, including a 2011 Ford Edge Limited, a ... Find your vehicle fasterand within budget. Kelley Blue Book®|My Wallet.

  • Test drive Used 2011 Ford Edge at home from the top dealers in your area. Search from 163 Used Ford Edge cars for sale, including a 2011 Ford Edge Limited, a 2011 Ford Edge SE, and a 2011 Ford Edge SEL ranging in price from $2,488 to $15,999.

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  • Canadian Value 2011 Ford Edge. ... 2011 Ford Edge AWD/3.5L-V6/285hp. Trim, WS, Retail. SE 4dr cov, 5375, 7900. SE FWD 4dr cov, 4925, 7400. SEL FWD 4dr cov, 5450 ...

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  • Look up the trade in and resale value of your 2011 Ford Edge. We'll also show you the dealer price and private seller price if you're looking to buy a 2011 ...

  • Look up the trade in and resale value of your 2011 Ford Edge. We'll also show you the dealer price and private seller price if you're looking to buy a 2011 Ford Edge.

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  • Used 2011 Ford Edge from 518 AUTO SALES in Norfolk, VA, 23518. Call 757-518-1100 for more information.

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  • KBB.com Consumer Reviews · I LOVE MY EDGE. By DJ | on Thursday, December 22, 2011. 5.0. I love the comfort level and all the great features. · excellent vehicle.

  • Used 2011 Ford Edge from Brower Brothers Nissan in Rock Springs, WY, 82901-5705. Call (307) 382-9515 for more information.

8. Used 2011 Ford Edge For Sale at McGrath Auto | VIN

  • KBB.com Consumer Reviews. Kelley Blue Book - KBB.com. Overall4.5Out of 5. I ... used 2011 FordEdge SEL. Market Value: $9,500. Market Value Detailed Pricing

  • Used 2011 Ford Edge from McGrath Auto in Cedar Rapids, IA, 52402. Call (319) 383-7862 for more information.

2011 Ford Edge Blue Book Value (2024)


How much is a 2011 Ford Edge worth? ›

Prices for a used 2011 Ford Edge currently range from $4,753 to $13,991, with vehicle mileage ranging from 48,258 to 225,263.

What is a common problem with a 2011 Ford Edge? ›

Premature pad/rotor wear, pulsation or vibration, antilock system, parking brake, master cylinder, calipers, squeaking, brake failure, regenerative braking.

Is the 2011 Ford Edge a good vehicle? ›

The Edge has good interior space, easy access, and sprightly engines in either its V6 or turbocharged four-cylinder versions. The overall package falls short though, due to so-so refinement and driving dynamics. The MyFord Touch controls force you to take your eyes off the road far too much.

Does the Ford Edge have a good resale value? ›

A Ford Edge will depreciate 34% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $26,075.

Is the 2011 Ford Edge fuel efficient? ›

The Edge's gas mileage was another big turn-off. It gets an EPA-estimated 19/26 mpg city/highway. My weeklong test drive consisted of primarily city driving, and I averaged 15.5 mpg.

How long do 2011 Ford edges last? ›

Thanks to a reliable standard powertrain, Ford's midsize Edge SUV should offer buyers a minimum of 150,000 miles. Reaching 200,000 miles is possible in a Ford Edge, but less likely in models from 2007 and 2008 and 2011-2013 over costly engine and transmission problems.

What is the biggest problem with Ford Edge? ›

Top Ford Edge Problems
  • Power Booster. ...
  • Transmission (Red) or Power Transfer Unit (PTU) (Brown) Fluid Leaks at Axle Area. ...
  • Foam Seal Between Dash and Windshield Sliding Out. ...
  • Clicking Noise from Wheel Area While Car is Moving. ...
  • Poor Fitment of Headliner, Possible Rattle Around Sunroof area.

Is a 2011 Ford Edge a 4 or 6 cylinder? ›

Is the Ford Edge a 4 or 6 cylinder? All trim levels of the 2011 Edge feature a 6 cylinder engine.

Is Ford Edge expensive to maintain? ›

A Ford Edge will cost about $8,883 for maintenance and repairs during its first 10 years of service. This beats the industry average for popular SUV models by $250. There is also a 26.60% chance that an Edge will require a major repair during that time. This is 5.10% worse than similar vehicles in this segment.

How safe is the 2011 Ford Edge? ›

Which year model of Ford Edge is the best? ›

A: The 2009-2010 and 2014 Ford Edge models are recommended for reliability. The 2009-2010 models are noted for their spacious interior and dependable powertrain. Despite some electrical issues, the 2014 model is also a solid choice, earning a “Pretty Good” rating from CarComplaints.com.

Where is the 2011 Ford Edge made? ›

All production of the first two generations of the Ford Edge is sourced from Ford of Canada at Oakville Assembly (Oakville, Ontario) alongside the Nautilus.

Is Ford Edge good on fuel? ›

Combined with the standard fuel economy rating of an EPA-estimated 21 city and 29 highway mpg on SE, DEL, ST-Line or Titanium, the Ford Edge will take you further with less stopping involved. The range for cruising through the city or for the every-day commute in the 2021 Ford Edge is impeccable, to say the least.

Why did Ford stop selling the Edge? ›

Ford has officially declared the retirement of the Edge after the 2023 model. This decision is due to Ford's commitment to electric vehicles. As part of its long-term vision, the company aims to focus more of its resources on EV production, and the Edge needs to fit that mold.

Is the Ford Edge a good choice? ›

Quality and Reliability 80.0/100

The 2024 Ford Edge has a predicted reliability score of 80 out of 100.

What is the fuel consumption of a 2011 Ford Edge? ›

Compare Side-by-Side
2011 Ford Edge AWD
EPA Fuel EconomyRegular Gasoline
20 MPG 18 25 combined city/highway city highway
5.0 gal/100mi
380 miles Total Range
7 more rows

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